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Wish Kids

2019 Wish Child


JaydenWish Child, Jayden was born a healthy boy on October 6, 2008 weighing just under 10 pounds. However just 10 weeks later, the family realized something was wrong.

The family went to Children’s Emergency thinking it might be a bladder infection. During the visit, doctors discovered a gallop in his heart and that is when the family realized Jayden was in heart failure.

Jayden coded that night and was put on ECMO (life support) and flown to Edmonton where his treatment continued.

Jayden had dilated cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart that could not be repaired. Jayden needed a heart transplant to survive. This news was devastating to his family.

After waiting for months in Edmonton, Jayden received his heart transplant on May 28, 2009.

“We never imagined what a normal life Jayden would be able to live. Today, he loves to play hockey and soccer and is starting basketball very soon. He is celebrating 10 years with his new heart this year. Jayden has picked a trip to Give Kids the World in Disney World for his wish this year. We are all very excited about his Wish.”

~ Wish Mom, Dayna


2018 Wish Child


BrendanBrendan received his diagnosis on 28 September 2016; he was just shy of 14 years old.  It was a complete surprise to his entire family, no one in his family knew of any other family member who had had this disease.

Cystic Fibrosis is, to quote the CF website, "the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults."  CF is a mutated gene that affects all of the systems in the body but is most visible in the digestive and respiratory systems and the mucus producing organs throughout the body. There is a one-in-four chance that the offspring of two parents, both of whom are carrying a copy of the mutated gene, will receive the dreaded diagnosis.

Because of how hard Brendan's body has to work to maintain regular, everyday function, the calories required to keep his body operating optimally are in the range of 3-4000 calories per day.  This is a resting requirement and he needs to be very active to maintain a maximum level of health.  His nutrition is also tricky because there is a requirement for many grams of protein and fat and that is an enormous amount of food plus he requires a balanced diet.

He also needs to consume copious amounts of salt to replenish what is lost through breathing and activity. This was once a death sentence but no longer, as treatments in Canada have doubled the life expectancy for many; however, the average life span of a person with CF is still only 52. Brendan is still relatively healthy at this time, especially for someone who was diagnosed so late.  He requires digestive enzymes to digest fats and proteins, special multivitamins created specifically for CF that contain increased amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, a daily anti-inflammatory tablet, maintenance antibiotics three times a week, and on occasion, a round of oral antibiotics to fight off a bug that causes the mucus in his lungs to build up.  When a really bad infection pops up, he is admitted to the hospital and given IV antibiotics.

Wish child Brendan has always been an active kid and when Brendan was presented with a Wish, he chose a trip with a great adventure — NEW ZEALAND!

"It is somewhat difficult, accepting such a generous gift, when the child seems so healthy.  Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder for which there is currently no cure and it is a progressive disease.  We felt bad accepting at first but after we saw how fast this disease can take a person down, we decided that it would be a great idea to go, as the future is so uncertain.  Brendan is still in good health but one infection can take it all away, and it can happen fast. It gave us the opportunity to have experiences that we would not be able to obtain on our own, without the help of all of you here today and the Children's Wish Foundation.  We can't take anything with us when we leave this place and on the days that we will spend at the end of our lives, whether that be sooner or later, all we will have is time to review our life choices and spend time with our memories.  We need to make the memories now, to have something to ponder and relive at the end." — Angela, Brendan's Mom

Brendan and his family landed in Auckland on 12 November and the next day, picked up their vehicle and started on their adventure!

"We admired miles and miles of green rolling hills and countless sheep and cattle while we headed up to the beautiful town of Paihia where we would spend the next three nights.  What a beautiful place! On 14 November, Brendan's birthday, we were booked on The Cream Tour through the Bay of Islands.  We spent many hours on the boat in the Pacific Ocean, viewing the beautiful islands in the bay and looking for pods of dolphins.  There were two pods that interacted with us while we were sailing. We were taken to an island stopover for an hour where we did some tidal pool investigation and found some very cool critters and got a few pictures of some lovely shells.  Upon our return to the shore, we did a little souvenir shopping and then back to the hotel to enjoy a lovely birthday dinner.

The next day the boys rented a couple of bikes and were off into the redwood forests along the shores of the north island instead, this was a fortuitous find.

The following day, we set out for Rotorua.  It is listed as a 6+ hour drive across the country, we made a few stops along the way, including South Auckland where we decided to head for Matamata;  also known as Hobbiton (for those that are acquainted with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies). It was worth it!  Brendan, though not a LOTR fan, had a great time!  He even picked himself up a set of elf ears.

On to Rotorua, the adrenalin junkie city of the world!  Here we did zorbing, or OGO as the company was called, downhill luging, a canopy tour at a local conservation effort where we got to zip line and cross swinging bridges in the trees, we attended a Maori Village and enjoyed a hangi feast with our hosts, and we crossed the country once more to view the amazing caves, including the Waitomo glow worm caves.

In conclusion, we would like to thank everyone who contributes to this worthy cause.  Although none of us are guaranteed time, those of us that have a child with an illness like this deal with the certainty of having less time together.  This trip has allowed us to enjoy our time as a family and make memories that we will carry with us forever.  There will be enough rough times to come but these memories might just outweigh all of those.  That is the value of what this Foundation and every one of you provides to the families that benefit from your kindness." — Angela, Brendan's Mom


2017 Wish Child



My son Max is 6 years old. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called partial trisomy 12q24. Not much is known about this disorder except that most children don't survive.

When he was born, he had 8 holes in his heart, a clubbed foot, poor muscle tone and global development delay.

He had open heart surgery at 7 months old, and then 20 additional surgeries to repair the damage done to his trachea from intubation during his heart surgery.

Today Max is doing great! He is in kindergarten and enjoys school and daycare. He plays soccer and takes swimming lessons. It is amazing to see all the things he is accomplishing, as there were times where we were scared we were going to lose him.

We wanted to thank The Children's Wish Foundation for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To be able to celebrate Max in the most magical place in the world is a dream come true. Max's medical issues are finally behind him, and it's now time to celebrate!


2016 Wish Child


HopeWithin moments of her birth, Hope strugled to breathe. She was immediately taken to the neonatal intensive care unit where she was intubated (tube down her throat) to help her tiny body get oxygen. A few hours later she was transferred to another hospital in Winnipeg and barly 24 hours after her birth, was flown by air ambulance to the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton. She was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia with Atrial Septal Defect, a serious congenital heart defect that is often diagnosed before birth, but in Hope's case did not show up in any of her fetal scans.

While in Edmonton, Hope underwent PDA litigation and then had open heart surgery to put a central shunt in her chest. Several days later she had to undergo the procedure again to revise the shunt because it had clotted. Hope responded very well after the second surgery, and by the time she was 5 weeks old she could go home with her family.

Hope is now a sweet, funny and very clever 4-year old. She continues to be closely followed by a pediatric cardiologist and she receives great care at the Children's Variety Heart Centre. In the next year she will be undergoing an MRI to get a better look at her right ventricle and the doctors will need to determine if additional surgery is required. Although she lives with very low oxygen levels, she always seems to have more energy than her Mom and Dad!

Hope hasn't decided yet what her Wish will be, but is having a lot of fun thinking about all the possibilities. She has some really great ideas - like taking a rocket ship up to see the moon (but only if Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen can come too), and meeting a "real, live unicorn". But no matter what Hope decides for her Wish, her family knows that it will become one of her fondest childhood memories. The Children's Wish Foundation really does make a difference not only in children's lives, but for entire families. Hope and her family are extremely grateful to the Wish Foundation, and to everyone who generally donates their time and money for this worthy cause.


2015 Wish Child


AmaraMeaghan is a 10 year old girl who suffers from Membranoprolifeative Glomerulonephritis Type 2 also called “dense deposit disease”. MPGN is a rare disease affecting the glomerular basement membrane of the kidney. Diagnosis is made in patients between the ages of 5-15 years old. In the latter stages, plasma replacement therapy prevents renal failure, but for the majority of patients there is no proven effective treatment. The efficacy of various forms of treatment remains controversial.

Meaghan has a huge love for baking and her role model is Rosanna (YouTube star) who has her own baking channel called “Nerdy Nummies. Her videos motivate Meaghan to bake. Meaghan has hopes of owning her own bakery one day. Besides baking, she loves art, gymnastics, playing “Sims3”, listening to Selena Gomes and eating nachos. Meaghan has a pet dog named “Stella” (Boston Terrier), has 3 cats named “Scrappy”, Alistair” and “Henry” and also a crested gecko named “Perry”.

Meaghan is proud of herself for not having to go for plasmapheresis anymore. Her wish is to go to on a Disney Cruise.


2014 Wish Kids


AmaraAmara has Down’s Syndrome; however she was also diagnosed with Vesicular Septal Defect (VSD). This means she has a small hole between the two ventricles in her heart. It was also found that she had Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). This means that the ductus arteriosus (a blood vessel that allows blood to go around a baby’s lungs before birth) did not close after she was born. This meant the oxygenated blood coming from her lungs does not go to the rest of the body and instead returns back to the lungs.

With Amara’s VSD, the doctor’s did not know how large the hole was or if the muscle would grow over on its own. At just three days old, the doctors agreed that little Amara would probably need surgery at some point. She was sent home and was surprisingly eating and growing well. However, after about seven to eight weeks of age, Amara’s heart could not keep up with her growth and increased energy.

Her dad will always remember the words the doctor said: “Your daughter has heart failure and she is failing to thrive”. Every week she was brought to the clinic to check up on her growth as she was unable to keep food down, take anything from her bottle or accept any of the supplements she was given. Amara needed surgery and the doctors were waiting for her to be big enough to get through it. Then they discovered she had Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Although this virus affects most children, Amara was given a vaccine for the virus immediately as it was especially harmful for her.

At three months old, Amara was flown to Edmonton for surgery. She received one stitch for her VSD and one for her PDA. Thankfully, there are no lasting effects from the surgery she required to repair her heart defects.

Before the surgery, Amara was mostly silent because she did not have the energy to cry. Her mother says: “The surgery went amazing and she discovered her cry after that.” Amara crying was a good sign!

Amara has not yet decided on her wish. At the moment, she seems very interested in a Barney Waterpark. “We want this to be something she consciously decides and understands that this is the community coming together to grant her wish,” her mom said. Her father firmly believes in the Children’s Wish Foundation and is a longtime volunteer through Cops for Kids.



ConorConor is a five-year old boy who suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL):  a form of leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells.  ALL is most common in childhood with a peak incidence at 2 – 5 years of age, and another peak in old age.

The earlier acute ALL is detected, the more effective the treatment.  The aim is to induce a lasting remission, defined as the absence of detectable cancer cells in the body (usually less than 5% blast cells in the bone marrow).

Treatment for acute leukemia can include chemotherapy, steroids, radiation therapy, intensive combined treatments (including bone marrow or stem cell transplants) and growth factors.

Conor is a pretty adventurous five-year old who enjoys playing with his sister, is an avid fan of dinosaurs and even wants to be a palaeontologist when he grows up.  The Winnipeg Jets are his favourite sports team and his junk food of choice is chips.

His wish is for a treehouse playstructure so that he can climb and play fort outside.


JaydePositive and active Jayde has been through so much in her ten years. She began symptoms of a very rare disease called Hyperoxaluria at the age of six but underwent years of testing until finally being diagnosed in 2012. Her life has been filled with numerous doctors’ appointments, x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests causing her to lose venous access in one of her arms. “No child should have to look at a nurse and say ‘you can’t use this arm because the veins are no good’” says her mother.
Primary and Secondary types of this condition exist and Jayde is still awaiting genetic test results for confirmation of what type she has. Hyperoxaluria is characterized by the kidney’s inability to break down oxalates. This leads to chronic kidney stone development of which Jayde has had three. High rates of kidney failure requiring a transplant are often needed with this disease.

Jayde is forced to eat a low oxalate diet and now must struggle with bowel difficulties because her fiber intake is limited. She is also lactose intolerant and frequently has bowel and colon spasms from improper organ expansion and constriction. Due to this, she must take several medications that reduce oxalates to keep her bowels moving properly. At times when her oxalate levels are high, Jayde will experience tingling and weakness in her legs and arms. The pain is often debilitating for her. Unfortunately, her strict dietary restrictions exclude her from enjoying chocolate, berries, nuts and wheat which is extremely difficult in social situations.

Jayde also suffers from asthma along with numerous environmental allergies causing severe exacerbations. She has had a growth removed from her bronchial tubes and now has an inflamed appendix of unknown reasons.

Jayde decided that her wish would be to go swimming with dolphins and going on fast rides in Disney World!

Jayde’s mother’s wish is to see her daughter forget about her disease and ongoing doctor’s appointments and just enjoy being a kid for a bit. Her mother states “Even though she does have such a great spirit most of the time, there are the odd days where she just does not seem so hopeful and expresses how she wishes she could be someone else.”

The family is grateful for all the support they have received from both the Children’s Wish Foundation and the community. They acknowledge that without the community support and donations, wishes like Jayde’s could not be granted. The events, such as “Exile Island”, always put a huge smile on Jayde’s face. They really enjoy the variety of events put on by the Children’s Wish Foundation and have “amazing experiences”.


2013 Wish Kids


LoganLogan is an adorable and active four-year-old who loves to wrestle and play football or hockey with his dad and older brothers. We bet you can guess, then, what his favourite sports are! You might be shocked, though, that this amazing little boy has a very serious heart condition that has required a lot of attention.

At such a young age, Logan has had to endure more tests and treatments than many of us experience in a lifetime. Such a courageous little boy deserves to have his most heartfelt wish of meeting Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and seeing anything dinosaur-related in Disney World come true! By donating to the Children’s Wish Foundation you’ll help grant Logan’s wish and offer him and his family some solace from the difficulties that come along with having a sick child.



BrianaIn 2008, as newborn Briana’s mom and dad were preparing to take her home, just 24-hours after her birth, they noticed that her skin had started to turn blue. Doctors were unsure of the exact diagnosis but admitted that something was seriously wrong. After several tests, Doctors told Briana’s family that she was suffering from Transposition of the Greater Arteries. Her main arteries in her heart were switched and her body was not getting oxygenated blood.

“I’d had an ultrasound when I was pregnant but the defect was missed,” says Sandra, Briana’s mom. “I thought I was having a healthy baby.”

Along with her parents, tiny Briana was rushed to Children's Hospital in Winnipeg for a temporary surgery that allowed her to be flown to Edmonton for open heart surgery. She was only 10 days -old when the life-saving surgery was performed.

“Her arteries are were only about one millimetre thick and when they were switched they had to be in just the right spot or her heart would not work,” describes Sandra. “We were in Edmonton for just over 3 weeks and then we spent another week [in Winnipeg] at the hospital to make sure she was feeding properly."

At this point, Briana had forgotten how to drink and swallow and needed to gain weight so she could recover.

“It was the hardest thing we had to go through as parents - to watch your little baby have major surgery and be hooked up to a ton of machines, not being able to hold her when she would cry,” says Sandra. “We cried a lot and it was very stressful. We were far away from home and our other daughter Meghan, who had stayed back home with family.”

Throughout Briana's first year of life she went to many doctor appointments, endured many tests and needles, had pints upon pints of blood taken, and underwent occupational therapy to ensure that everything was working properly. Thankfully, Briana, now four, has made a full recovery.

She loves to swim and play outside – especially at the park. She adores playing with her dolls and stuffed animals and socializing with her little friends at daycare and her cousins. Courageous Briana can be shy at first but warms up quickly. Once she gets acquainted, her funny and friendly personality makes an appearance and she can actually be quite chatty.

Briana will always see a cardiologist to make sure her heart is working properly. Right now she goes for an ultrasound and an EKG, approximately every six months. She may need medication one day or surgery again in the future. Right now, the oldest patient who has endured the same surgery as Briana is about 20 years old and doctors have admitted they aren’t sure what happens beyond that age.

Though she had a rough start to life, Briana and her family are incredibly grateful for the opportunity for Briana’s most heartfelt wish – to visit Disney World because, in her own words, she “love[s] going on rides and really wants to meet Mickey & Minnie and the Disney Princesses” – to be granted. The family is very humbled and appreciative that members of our community are raising money through Warehouse One in Briana’s honour.

“It means a lot to us,” Sandra says in closing. “To have an organization that does this for children and people who are willing to help make wishes come true is so awesome, words can't explain it.”

2012 Wish Kids

Cory and Kaleb

We would love to introduce you to the 24th annual Ride for a Child’s Wish Ambassadors: Cory and Kaleb. These two very special little boys and their courageous families are looking into having their wishes granted together, as they know each other quite well!

Three year-old Cory suffers from Complex Hypoplastic Left-Heart Syndrome, a severe illness that has caused the left side of his heart to be underdeveloped, making the right side work harder to pump blood throughout his little body. Although he is so young, Cory has already undergone three major open heart surgeries to try to improve his condition. Cory’s favourite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he loves any book featuring Mickey Mouse. He likes to play on his swing outside, ride his pony, and eat cookies. Cory’s wish is to travel to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse and Snow White!

Three year-old Kaleb recently finished Chemotherapy treatments to fight Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer that starts inside the bone marrow. His favourite movie, Horton Hears a Who!, and TV show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, have helped him stay positive throughout his treatment. This brave little boy who loves horseback riding, playing hockey, and anything junk-food related will see his most heartfelt wish of visiting Mickey Mouse in Disney World realized because of the generosity of community members like you!

You can help grant the wish of a child like Cory or Kaleb by supporting this year’s Ride for a Child’s Wish.



On May 2, 2012, our family returned from a Children's Wish trip granted to our son, Troy, who continues in treatment for leukemia. It was his wish for us to travel to Hawaii and to experience this holiday with a friend from CancerCare and her family.

Sitting with the Wish Coordinator and being given the opportunity to give voice to this wish gave Troy a sense of control over his environment which, for the previous two years, had been taken away from him by his cancer and it's treatment. Every effort was made to provide him and us with a thrilling, safe, once in a lifetime holiday.

We wish all might have seen the expression of pure joy on his face when he first felt the tropical breezes of Oahu. Our flights and accommodations were perfect and Children's Wish worried about every detail so that we did not have to. We swam, lazed on Waikiki, surfed, went golfing, deep-sea fishing and even 'swam' with sharks on the North Shore. For eight days, we did not think about cancer and experienced the thrill and joy of being a normal family again, in a paradise setting.

Please know that if you have contributed your time, talents, or a monetary donation to this organization, you have given us and others an experience and memories that we now own and that cannot be taken away. We are grateful beyond words. Our deepest thanks to the Children's Wish Foundation.

Troy's Family

2011 Wish Kids

Zachary & Nicholas

Your support will help us grant the wishes of two courageous young men from Kilarney: 15-year-old Zachary and his 12-year-old brother Nicholas.

Both boys suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, which is a condition that results in a progressive weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles that control their body movement. They have to deal with the fear of anxiety of having this condition and the effects it has on their lives on a daily basis.

Zachary, who loves being outdoors and driving around on his ATV, is hoping to go on a cruise, but has yet to determine where. He thinks it would be exciting to stop off at all the different ports.

Nicholas, on the other hand, is excitedly awaiting his wish of going to Hawaii. He also loves the outdoors and wants to be a professional dirt biker when he's older.

Your generosity will play a significant role in helping these special brothers experience both of their exciting and much deserved wishes!

Zachary"I have to THANK YOU for the awesome trip! I`ve always wanted to go on one, and now I can say that I have. Not everyone can say that. When my family and I sat around the kitchen table and started taking things one by one out of the box we received, I thought Wow, this is really happening! I must say, when I pulled out the camera, I think my jaw dropped 2 inches! I love taking pictures, and now I have an awesome camera to do so. I also captured hundreds of pictures of our trip on it! I also really like my blanket that came in the box also. It is the perfect size for hanging out in my chair and snuggling in. One thing I`ll never forget is the whole first day! When we were checking in at the Miami port, and then proceeding up the walkway of the world`s largest cruise ship! (That was something!) I`ve watched the making of the ship on a TV show, and it showed all the different parts of the ship and all the luxuries on it! That doesn`t really mean squat until you`re boarding that big floating city! I was just blown away along with my family and others. One of the coolest things was leaving the port of Miami for the first time, it was awesome! And one other awesome thing was swimming in the ocean for the very first time, at Haiti! And it wasn`t like I just got out of my scooter and could walk into the ocean, so my dad, along with two Haiti life guards, and a fellow man on our cruise ship picked me up and put me on a beach lawn chair. Then they carried me out to the water like a King! It was so cool! And then we also went to Jamaica and Mexico. And they were very cool places also! In Jamaica, the people were so nice and there are a lot of words to describe how cool it was to be there for the day! Things to do on the ship seemed to really never end, along with the food. I won`t lie, I probably gained 6 pounds from eating so much! It was to the point where we would eat till we would explode and then 2 hours later we would go down to the 5th floor out of the 18 floors to a restaurant called Sorrentos, and make a pizza and eat the whole thing! Ha! And our waiters at the table we ate at for supper every night except one night were awesome! The best people ever! I don`t think any other waiter can top how cool and nice they are! Also, our cabin cleaner was an awesome nice guy! He would come in and clean our room so nice, and then he would make animals out of towels. There was one night, the last one I believe, we came back into our cabin and he made a monkey and hanged it from our balcony door and put my sunglasses on it! It looked so sweet! Later on we saw him and he showed us how to make one. He`s a very cool guy and I hope someday if I`m on that cruise ship I`ll see him again, along with the table waiters. The last night on the ship was a little sad because we were waiting for the morning because we had to begin our travels home. But it does feel good to be home and write to you about how cool it was! And my final thing to say is Thank You Very Very much again for giving me my cruise wish! Zachary Kowal"


2010 Wish Kids


Only one in 1,000 babies is born with Chiari Malformation, and Mason is one of those children. This rare genetic condition affects Mason’s height, weight and central nervous system, and also affects his ability to learn.

Mason, who is now 14 years old and lives in Teulon, Manitoba, has already undergone two major surgeries in his life to correct these issues. After being released from the hospital after the second surgery, he developed an infection which led to meningitis and another two-week hospital stay.  Although the surgeries are helping top control Mason’s condition, he may need to be treated with a shunt system; a tube inserted into his skull that would drain excess fluid and relieve pressure inside the head.

Through all of this, Mason has managed to stay positive thanks to the support of his mom and dad and his older sisters, and his love of comedy. Mason says Jim Carrey is especially close to his heart, as “he makes [him] laugh when [he] needs it.”  Like many of his friends, Mason likes hockey, rock & roll music, and playing video games.  His favourite band is Aerosmith and his favourite food is tied between pizza and fried chicken.

When Mason learned that we would be granted a wish, it didn’t take him long to choose. His wish is to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family in Hawaii. Mason watches the show every week (even the reruns) and says that he loves the schemes Dog comes up with to bring people out of their houses. “I have never been in trouble and I hope I never am,” writes Mason to his hero, “because I would not want you chasing me.” Mason goes on to request that he would like his whole family to come with him, as they are “so good to [him]”when he is sick.

You can help create the magic of a wish for Mason and his family!

Mason"Hello Dianne we are back from Hawaii which we all had a fantastic time. Once again I would like to thank you and all involved in making this happen for Mason. He enjoyed ever minute of it. The excursion to the big island to see the volcanos was excellent. They made a big deal over Mason presenting us each with lei's and a hat for Mason he got to go into the cock pit with the pilots, they even picked up the tab for our lunch. The tour bus driver brought her grandchildren on the tour so Mason would have someone to hang with. The dolphin excursion was also very fun the water was a little ruff, however we did see dolphins and some sea turtles. We visited Pearl harbour which Mason really enjoyed. We attended a Lua where we met another Wish Family from West Virginia and we toured the Dole Pineapple Plantation. The hotel was excellent everyone was so kind and helpful. We visited Dog the bounty Hunters office and his souviner store where I am sure Mason purchased one of everything in the store. At this point he was a little disappointed he was not able to meet him. However that all vanished when we arrived at the airport to return home. Myself and his dad were purchasing pineapples to bring home with us when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around to see Dog and his wife Beth walking passed in the airport. I quickly ran out to speak to them and explained Mason's situation and how his original wish was to meet him, they immediately asked where he was so he could meet him. I ran and got Mason and his sisters who were waiting at our plane gate and brought them back to meet Dog. Mason had no idea what was going on. Dog came out of the restaurant where we were to meet him with his hand stretched out calling Mason by name. I can not explain it, it was like the stars had all aligned or someone up above was definitely watching over Mason to make this happen for him. He was so excited he couldn't even speak. Which was ok cause Dog did most of the talking. This was the perfect ending to a perfect trip. Once again we would like to thank the Childrens Wish Foundation for making this happen for Mason and for all of us. Mason will never forget this as will we. The memories which were made will always be close to our hearts. As a parent I can not express the feelings that over came us as we watched Mason meet his hero and for that short period of time to him his life was perfect. Which could not have been possible without the wish. Mason stated many many times on this trip he was a lucky kid and knew how special he was to be chosen for a wish. Thank you Very Much. Mason, Donna, Keith,Amanda and Kendall Carter"


2009 Wish Kids


Noah and McKenna, brother and sister, share the most common fatal illness affecting Canadians ~ Cystic Fibrosis. This condition requires for most children, a daily regime of medication and treatment, and yet has no cure.

Noah, age 9, who is a big New Jersey Devils fan, not only loves to play hockey, but has a hockey wish. He is wishing to attend an NHL All Star Game. McKenna, age 7, plays ringette and enjoys listening to the music of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Her wish is to go visit Disney World, where she hopes to go on as many rides as possible.

It is the goal of the 2009 Ride for a Child's Wish Family Fun Day, to ensure that these two wishes come true.

McKenna"I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you for making my Disney Wish happen! It was the most fun I've ever had. The hotel was neat, it had about 1,000 rooms and 6 pools. We went to 3 different theme parks in 3 days. The first one was Hollywood Studios, the second was Magic Kingdom(and it was my favorite), and the last day was Animal Kingdom. We went on lots of rides and saw lots of animals at Disney World. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain!! The best part of the trip was the Disney Cruise. We had lots to do on board and our room was awesome. It had a balcony and 2 bathrooms! I met new friends that we ate dinner with every night, and we will Facebook each other from now on. We joined a group called Out and About and this group had stuff for us to do all the time, right up until midnight each night. My very favorite thing was when Mommy and me went swimming with the dolphins. We got to hug and kiss, dance, play football, and feed Andy the dolphin. I am sending you a few pictures of the fun I had and the Princesses and other characters I met. I also got a lot of autographs from all the characters I met. Thank you again for taking the time to organize everything. I will never forget this trip!! Love, Mackie"


Prior Years Wish Kids

(Wish: Disney World)
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